The Wildcats Clan

How many years have we been alive?


Like Urban Terror? No, not 4.1. Yes, there is a 4.2. No, HD hasn't come out yet. Anyways there is a server coming soon.

A Cuberite Minecraft server is on the way.


Working on server build scripts for reproducability.

Nothing works yet so give me a minute.

UrT, TS3, MC, and everthing else are being worked on. Harrass me about progress on chat.

Does anyone still play this?

An Urban Terror server is coming so be on the lookout. It’ll be in the server-list graveyard with the rest of them.

People still play vanilla Minecraft?

Well it costs nothing to run so……

Open to suggestions

If you have something fun you want to play with us, join our Teamspeak.